Cats Under the Stars: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia Band
Cats Under The Stars brings you the tunes of the Jerry Garcia Band with authenticity. Our intentions, pure and simple, are to create good times, dancing, great music, and an experience you will not soon[...]
Metal Monday Presents: Single Bullet Theory w/ Vaporizer + Savage Hen + Victim of Metal (Judas Priest/Black Sabbath Tribute Project)
Philadelphia’s resident rage-makers, Single Bullet Theory, have just entered their second decade of existence with a vengeance. Re-energized by a new lineup which consists of three of metal’s finest musicians, Single Bullet Theory founder/guitarist/vocalist Matt[...]
The Tenderbellies and Ida Mae Specker (FREE SHOW!)
Burlington’s own, The Tenderbellies seamlessly blend bluegrass, jazz and Americana into the proverbial music-your-father-wish-he-could-have-shared-with-you-but-you-were-too-ignorant-to-pay-attention-to.  The time has come. You’re not that kid anymore, and your dad really wants to hang out. So tell him about[...]
Satta Sounds Presents Sattaday Nite Rasta Dancehall ft. JahRiffe and Medz
Satta Sound is a Selector/Operator, Machu, who carefully selects and mixes each track he spins into a live dub, everything conscious, from foundation roots tunes to the newest, hottest hits from Jamaica, the Virgin Islands,[...]
RetroNail with DJ Rekkon (FREE SHOW!)
Hailing from the DC/B-More area,living in Vermont. Walter Peterson aka Dj Rekkon is one of the true pioneers of digital/analog DJing. Starting in the gutters of the DC/Bmore “rave scene”, going to Fever, Buzz, Rise[...]
Seth Yacovone Blues Trio (FREE SHOW!)
Seth Yacovone arrived on the VT music scene in 1995 as a 16 year old Blues musician, garnering international attention and getting to open for such blues legengds as BB King, Ray Charles, Dr John[...]
Bikes, Bevs, and Beats Festival Kick Off Party ft. The Cop Outs (FREE SHOW)
Vermont’s own Dirty Drunken Sailor Irish Punk Rock!!!! Lets make old St. Paddy roll over in his grave with delight on a year round basis. Come “Rock out with your Cop Outs”, drink whiskey and[...]
Waylon Speed and Girls Guns and Glory
\ Waylon Speed was created by Noah Crowther, Reverend Chad Hammaker, Kelly Ravin and Justin Crowther after playing together at a local honky-tonk in Burlington, Vermont. Three days and one practice later, Waylon Speed was born. By[...]
RetroNail with DJ Fattie B
One of BTV’s most legendary DJ’s is bringing one of BTV’s most legendary dance parties to Stowe! Retronome becomes RETRONAIL! Dubbed “Burlington’s Biggest Dance Party,” Retronome successfully fulfills the nostalgic craving for throwback hits, helping[...]