Spiritual Rez w/ Gang of Thieves

01/09/2023 @ 9:00 pm
18+ $10


The craziest dance party you’ll ever be a part of.

There is nothing more mind-bending than diverse sounds and omni-present texturesÖthe music that changes your mind and your soul. The Spiritual Rez reggae funk dance experience is an unabashed display of musical virtuosity. When paired with a deep, sub-sonic groove and powerful heart felt vocalization; crowds are left dancing and screaming for more. Over the past 8 years, these six men have relentlessly toured the country to share their music and appreciation of the arts. Rooted in rock, reggae, and funk; their diversity exemplifies their love and desire to put on a live experience that will not only cut to your core, but also ignite the inner flame that exists in us all.

A constant festival favorite, The Rez can shake a stage like a psychedelic dance earthquake. Evoking their personal power animals, they fearlessly forge into the musically unknown, creating a masterpiece every performance. It’s this power, this creative desire, that has fans traveling across the nation to experience this raw and intoxicating display of musical bliss.


Hailing out of Burlington, Vermont, the Gang has been awarded “Best Band in State” (Vermont 2011) by the New England Music Awards. Gang of Thieves has now performed all over the United States, including a show in Albany, NY with Skid Row. From Headhunters in Austin, TX during SXSW to the Hard Rock Cafe in San Francisco, CA, they have stolen hearts and been met with absolute enthusiasm everywhere they play!

Originally founded January 2009. Gang of Thieves has endured a wild three-year ride of DIY nation-wide tours and both self-produced and professional recordings. While the origin and beginnings of the Gang are remembered fondly and key to making the band who they are today, only recently did they become the powerhouse group they were ment to be.

This is largely in part to the addition of guitarist Leonard Sokol and drummer Deven Massarone. The raw talent, musical intuition and dedication to the touring lifestyle both new members bring finally complete the Gang as the face of the Rock and Roll future in America.